Euopean Society of Cardiology event Barcelona

Project members Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital (ETZ) and the Technical University Eindhoven (TUE) presented the Do CHANGE ecosystem at the European Society of Cardiology in Barcelona. This on behalf of the Do CHANGE consortium. “We are including patients and starting trials right now, an exciting moment to test the ecosystem and all of its associated mTools.”[…]


COOKiT filed for patent aproval!

ONMI, partner of de the Do CHANGE project filed for a patent for the behavioral change spatula COOKiT. The COOKiT is an intelligent spatula that provides information about salinity of everyday food. It can easily be implemented in daily cooking and dining routines. This tool uses conductivity sensors to determine the salinity of food and[…]


Science days 2017

During the Science days 2017 the Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg presented the Do CHANGE project. All doctors, residents, nurses and other hospital staff attended the event. This to create awareness of the European Research projects, what it is for and most of all: how does the patient benefits from such programs. The Science days[…]


Do CHANGE at the eHealth week Malta

ALETTA, MALTA – (HealthTech Wire / News) — Between Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th May 2017, the Maltese Ministry for Health – as part of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union – the European Commission and HIMSS Europe, in collaboration with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe jointly hosted[…]


Do CHANGE scores Excellent during review!

After a good rehearsal the DoCHANGE consortium managed to score an excellent on the research project during the second mid-term review. The external reviewers just needed a few minutes to unanimously agree on the evaluation: Excellent! The only criticism was that they are missing a more detailed description on the results of food scanning and[…]


ITRI (Do CHANGE) filed for Horus patent

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) filed for the patent of Horus, the spectrometer that is a part of the Do CHANGE ecosystem. The Horus is a system for object recognition that includes an image/spectrum sensing device, to fetch an image from a real object. The sense spectra wil recognise and appoint the scanned objects.[…]