January 29, 2015

D1.1 Project leaflet
D1.3 Ethical and Legal Manual
D2.3 Revised specifaction of tools and services
D2.4 Second-cycle completion report including video of all scenarios
D3.1 Explorations of Sensor Technology
D3.3 Optimised calibration and accuracy of sensors
D4.9 Overall Do CHANGE ecosystem infrastructure architecture
D4.10 The Identity and Permissions Management Framework Design
D4.20 Do CHANGE Application Programming Interfaces Design – Phase 1
D4.26 Overall Do CHANGE ecosystem infrastructure architecture, including DDS and ecosystem component framework
D6.3 First evaluation report for the testing in controlled environments
D6.4 Local Medical Ethical Commitee, informed consent and recruitment strategies
D6.5 Cross-pilot sites deployment plans – Phase 1
D7.2 Dissemination and networking report (a)
D7.9 First Explorations of cost/benifit analysys of introducing (parts of) the Do CHANGE ecoystem


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