February 23, 2015

Buddhist Tzu-Chi Dalin General Hospital

The first Tzu Chi General Hospital was inaugurated on August 17, 1986 and persist the life-respect principles, practicing medical care of patient-orientation in the eastern Taiwan. Because of enhanced medical quality and service quantity, Tzu Chi General Hospital has become the institution where people transfer the severely ill patients. In May, 1995, Tzu Chi General Hospital was promoted to be the first medical center in eastern Taiwan and received the ISO 9002 certification in March, 2000. It became the only one medical center with ISO 9002 certification among 18 medical centers in Taiwan.

Tzu Chi medical network
Chia-yi Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital was inaugurated on August 13, 2000, serving the people in the area of Yunlin and Chia-yi, a place with disproportionate medical resources. Taipei Hsintien Tzu Chi General Hospital is medical center in communities, focusing Preventive Medicine to take care people’s health. Taichung Tan-Chez Tzu Chi Hospital started construction in the beginning of 2002. In the future, the north、middle、south and east of Taiwan will have a Tzu Chi General Hospital with medical-center scale. The network of medical services will radiate from these points and construct complete and compact Tzu Chi medical network. From acute to chronic medication, Tzu Chi General Hospital promotes medical researches and founds NeuroMedical Center, discovering the mystery of human body and solving the pain by performing radical cure. From the cities to villages, mountain peaks and water shores, Tzu Chi General Hospital provides services with equal emphasis on modern technology and humanity-care.

The backup force of Medicine Mission is Tzu Chi International Medical Association. It works on medical care of remote areas, actively serving people in 8 first-class remote mountains, villages without medication and remote islands. It frequently held itinerant free clinic and health examination and extends the objects to city vagrants, city aboriginals and nursing homes. Taiwan Tzu Chi Medical Association has served 40,830 people until the bottom of November, 2001.

Abroad Medicine Mission
After Tzu Chi Medical Association stands fast in Taiwan, the organization spread the arms of medical love into Philippine、Indonesia、Vietnam and other countries without sufficient medical resource, conducting surgery and general free clinic services. Tzu Chi International Medical Association has served more than 249,367 people worldwide. 17 abroad branches of Tzu Chi International Medical Association have connected and build an organized and systematic global network of medical service; Tzu Chi International Medical Association practices the philosophy of boundless love.