February 23, 2015


logo-eurecatApplied research of smart materials and devices

Eurecat is a technology centre with over 19 years’ experience in carrying out applied research on Smart Materials and Smart Devices.

The results of this research are the basis of joint projects with companies for innovation and experimental development of smart products – Smart Innovation – that bring new uses and experiences to a wide range of economic sectors.

Furthermore, one of the main functions of the technology centre is to establish collaborations with other research centres and universities to develop joint projects.

Eurecat is accredited as a Centre for Technology Innovation by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and a member of the network TECNIO of Catalonian government.

In a complex and fluid society such as today’s, what companies do goes far beyond simply producing physical objects. Innovative products are designed at the point of intersection between data, images, symbols and technologies capable of creating memorable and enriching experiences in the user.

Eurecat works with companies of all sizes and from different sectors on joint company-technology center projects with a view to technologically re-inventing your products. They focuses on Flexible Surface Treatments. Eurecat also realizes research and development of Smart Materials and Smart Devices through systems and technologies of deposition, printing, lamination and surface treatments. One of its main functions is to work together with other research centers and universities on joint projects in various technological fields.