February 23, 2015

Industrial Technology Research Institute

logo排列Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a nonprofit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical services, aiming to innovate a better future. Founded in 1973, ITRI has been dedicated to helping industries stay competitive and sustainable.

Over the years, ITRI has nurtured more than 260 companies, including well-known global semiconductor leaders such as TSMC and UMC. Meanwhile, it has cultivated over 140 CEOs in the local high-tech industry.

ITRI has played a vital role in Taiwan’s economic growth as it shifted from a labor-intensive industry into a value-added, technology-driven one. Moving forward, the institute will continue serving as a pioneer for industries by strengthening its capabilities of multidisciplinary innovation and cooperation with international partners all over the world.

Innovation and Services
ITRI is enhancing software, systems, and services, strengthening industrial services, and increasing its focus on emerging research in the green energy and biomedical fields. With around 6,000 employees, including over 1,300 who hold Ph.D.s and 3,000 with master’s degrees, ITRI encourages collaboration among its diverse talents. ITRI continues its devotion to technological innovation in the application domains of sustainable environment, quality health, and smart living, with the aim to usher in a new wave of industrial development that will ultimately improve the well-being of society.

In addition, ITRI offers a wide range of services, including technical and business consultation, contract research, product and process development, pilot runs for technological upgrades, IP strategy and licensing, industrial analysis, talent training for hi-tech businesses, and open labs and incubation for new ventures and emerging industries.

ITRI’s venture program also leverages the resources of U.S. and Japanese venture capitals. Along with enterprise operational experience and expertise in global commerce, ITRI proactively assists the industrialization of new technologies. The goal is to nurture as many innovation-based and technology-oriented startups as possible to create a new round of business boost.