February 23, 2015


Logo (png) Onmi200Onmi, meaning it breathes thus lives, is a multicultural and multidisciplinary design firm. We follow a user-centred design approach to identify and conform to all the personal and ethical needs of the end-users. We consult and design products, systems and services that build and maintain health and wellbeing. Our mission is to facilitate solutions that are seamlessly integrated into people’s lives: they become as unconscious, autonomous and reparative as breath – Onmi.

We can contribute to the design of your products from ideas – concepts – experiential prototypes that include, 3D prototyping, electronics, interactions and user-centred analytics. We can perform specialized user-studies that help you to identify critical design insights for your product. We understand people’s behaviour, culture, values and desires. We approach challenges using the right blend of research, strategy, and design.

Our core competencies are:

Creativity & Research
Coming up with great ideas through research methodologies (Creative Explorations, Design & User Research).

Intelligent Product & Data Driven Design
Let us help you create interactive and innovative products. (Interaction Design, User-Centred Design)

Prototyping & Testing

We design through making. (Rapid Prototyping, Product Development, Presentation, Evaluation,)