February 23, 2015

Smart Homes

Smarthomes_logo_CYMKSmart Homes is the expert centre on home automation & smart living. This includes areas like eHealth, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and also energy management. Founded in 1998, Smart Homes acts as an independent and intermediary organisation in the complex market of technology for a better quality of life. Our main focus is on bridging the worlds of technical developments and those of end-users and service providers.

The multidisciplinary team of Smart Homes has in-depth expertise in the fields of ICT,
human technology interaction, gerontology, electrical and mechanical engineering, marketing, exploitation, energy management, and industrial design.

We are an active partner in regional, national and international research and pilot projects. In addition, Smart Homes has a broad network of partners from industry, service and care providers, and is active in dissemination.

Our unique tool for research validation, evaluation and dissemination is the Smartest House of the Netherlands.