February 23, 2015

Elisabeth TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

Elisabeth TweeSteden hospital is a general, regional training hospital. they offer excellent care, close to home, where the human element prevails.ETZ1

Provide the best care to patients from the wide circumference of Tilburg and Waalwijk, that is what they stand for. To make the patients hospital visit as efficient and clear as possible, TweeSteden hospital works with streamlined care pathways. Patients can contact the hospital for almost all treatments. Within this wide offer, they have some special area of focus. Within the set priorities, the hospital tries to do the ordinary extraordinarily well.


  • Care for woman and child
  • Care for cancer patients
  • Care for patients with cardivascular and heart diseases
  • Care for the elderly
  • Care for obese patients
  • Care for people with an orthopedic care demand

In these areas they hospital has a lot of specific knowledge, experience, ambition and a good reputation. In each priority multidisciplinary cooperation is a centerpoint which makes optimal organization of care essential.