February 20, 2015



The primary objective of Do CHANGE Is to develop a health ecosystem for integrated disease management of citizens with high blood pressure and patients with ischemic heart disease or heart failure. The system will give them access to a set of personalized health services in a near real-time fashion. This disruptive system will incorporate the behaviour change methods, such as “Do Something Different”, in conjunction with new innovative wearable/portable tools that can scan nature and volume of food an fluid intake, monitor behaviour and clinical parameters in normal living situations

Empowerment of patients to manage their own health and desease by designing and developing new services, based on behavioural insights, for both the patients and their family.

  • Help patients to adopt new and healthy behavioural changing instruments.
  • Integrate services for knowledge and data sharing, including behavioural, clinical and experimental/symptomatic information for the patients, their family, social environment. As well as informal and professional health care works in an open services ecosystem, based on end-to-end trust assurance, data storage and advances analytics.
  • Support clinical diagnosis by various healthcare professionals that are involved in the provision of healthcare after they are authorized by patients to access summary reports of their health data.
  • Provide guidance to patients, their families, informal caretakers and the patient’s social environments for disease management by innovative services for knowledge and data sharing.

Designing innovative wearable and portable tools that monitor the preparation and consumption of food and drinks, taking into account the person’s natural behaviour and insights regarding behaviour change.

  • Develop an intelligent spatula or spoon that is able to immediately measure and give feedback on the amount of sodium when preparing food.
  • Develop a portable device with sensors that are able to immediately measure and give feedback on the amount of fluid intake.
  • Develop a portable spectrometer, for use at home or in a restaurant, that is able to immediately measure and give feedback on the concentration or certain key substances in food that is about to be consumed.
  • Integrate technological tools and behavioural change instruments within a mHealth context, mixing them with historical data sets to enrich the individual behavioural habits with clinical important measures.

Establishing sustainable business models for new start-ups, existing SME’s, large institute and healthcare service provides.

  • Generate new value proposition portfolios, including new value propositions, customer relationships, revenue streams and services for all stakeholders involved.
  • Support and guide Onmi with additional business collaborations with business partners that will exploit the new tools and services.
  • Develop new business lines and a business model for use and maintenance of the personal data repository system, including data analytics activities.
  • Exchange experiences in the total health care structure in Europe and SO Asia.