February 20, 2015


The Do CHANGE project developed a range of innovative mHealth tools. These tools are linked to the ‘Do Something Different’ behaviour change prompts to help cardiovascular patients change their unhealthy habits. 


A smart spatula that helps you adopt healthy cooking habits.

The device contains sensors that identify cooking gestures and analyse your food quality based on salt content. A supporting smartphone application visualises the cooking data, captures meal pictures, and provides recipes. Algorithms interpret your cooking data in order to provide personalised Do’s (or micro behavioural alternatives). COOKiT encourages you to cook and enjoy a healthy meal from scratch, using fresh ingredients, together with the people you love.



A non-invasive device that helps you adopt healthy drinking habits.

FLUiT acquires data on drinking behaviour and visualises these insights through a smartphone application. FLUiT is made of flexible thermoplastic and can be wrapped around common sized cups and bottles. It is equipped with capacitive sensors that measure the liquid level in the vessel it wraps around. The app shows water intake over the past 24 hours and the amount that can still be consumed within the limit.



Horus is food identification service that helps users adopt healthy eating habits.

Horus is a food composition analysis service that helps people adopt healthy eating habits. The service is provided through Vire DoChange app. Pictures of meals or food items are taken through the app, after which they are uploaded to the Horus system. The system uses Computer Vision Sensing technology to identify food items.



Vire DoCHANGE helps you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle by supporting you to make incremental changes in your daily routine. Life is constantly changing, and to thrive we need to be adaptable. But many of us are stuck in habits that prevent us from realising our full potential. Certain choices we make contribute to poor health, but we often don’t do much to change them.

Vire combines personal data analysis with science-based psychology to help you make the lifestyle changes you desire. Vire introduces you to Do Something Different. It provides you with Do’s – small powerful actions designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new behaviours. These small actions will lead to sustainable change.

Vire provides simple, visual feedback on three important aspects of your life: activity, variety, and social opportunity. It starts with a baseline understanding of your current habits. Then, as you start making changes in your habits, Vire will visually change with them. Vire helps you make daily behaviour changes: small, achievable and fun things that can be done in the course of everyday life.