February 20, 2015


In the Do CHANGE project there are a range of innovative mHealth tools. For example for measurement of fluid intake, salt intake and the composition and volume of food. These tools are combined with the ‘Do Something Different’ method to monitor nutritional behaviour. The tools proposed by the consortium, Krystal, Sal and Horus, are concepts for fluid and salt measurement and food composite scanning.


The COOKiT tool is an intelligent spatula that provides information about salinity of everyday food. It can easily be implemented in daily cooking and dining routines. This tool uses conductivity sensors to determine the salinity of food and a load sensor to determine the weight of the food that’s been served. COOKiT directly informs the user about the salinity of the food, while cooking ore serving and it allows the user to compose a healthy well balanced plate of food. While cooking the Chef see’s the implications of adding new ingredients and can learn alternative options. Currently a prototype for COOKiT is being developed.


By taking a rapid snapshot (2D imaging) of voice input, Horus informs the user about the nutrition information for rough food classification. Horus is a portable spectral detecting device with a compact size, wearable of portable.


FLUiT (MySleeve) can monitor liquid volume in a glass. This for tracking drinking behaviour of the user from place to place.



Vire Do CHANGE helps cardiovascular disease patients with their rehabilitation, by stimulating a healthier lifestyle. Using various data scources, Vire provides you with three important factors of your life: Activity, Variety and Social Opportunity.

Activity, Variety and Social Opportunity are shown as a score that updates throughout the day. By checking the scores regularly, you can find out the effects certain activities of your life have on your wellbeing so you can adjust accordingly.

A powerful way of improving your wellbeing is to take it step by step. Vire will send you personalized Do’s from time to time. Do’s are behavioral nudges that slowly, but surely, move you towards a healthier lifestyle.

As soon as you start improving, the scores will show improvement. If something goes a little sideways, Vire helps you get back on track with personalized Do’s.

Food is an essential factor of everyone’s life and even more important if you are rehabilitating. Foods with high sodium content, for example, are better to stay away from.

To help you decide wich foods are healthy for you, Vire enables you to log your meals with photo’s. Simply take a picture of your meals and snacks, and you will get weekly feedback from a team of specialists.


  • Activity, Variety and Social Opportunity, three crucial factors of your healthy lifestyle, are calculated multiple times a day and shown on the mainpage.
  • The three scores and supporting data, such as the number of steps, and time spent in new locations, are updated throughout the day and stored in a daily and 2-weekly overview.
  • Personalized behavior nudges in the form of Do’s and ToDo’s, developed by Do Something Different and Onmi, are sent to you several times a week.
  • Weekly expert advice on your food intake, made possible by just taking photo’s of your meals.

This work is supported by the European Commision Horizon 2020 funded Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem (Do CHANGE) project.

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